Sunday, December 11, 2016

Leigh Radford honoured as an Icon of Rural Media (Dec 2016)

Leigh Radford was recently honoured by Rural Media SA and his peers when he was bestowed the rare honour of being inducted to the status of “Rural Media Icon”.

Within the industry of rural media, there are individuals who are held in admiration for their high level of professionalism, long term dedication and passion for communicating rural issues. Leigh Radford is widely considered to be one of these people. Rural Media South Australia recognises only the most outstanding within the rural media sector through their elevation to the status of “Rural Media Icon”.

Leigh Radford’s meritorious contribution to the craft of rural journalism has been over a career spanning nearly three decades. Rural Media SA bestowed Leigh with its highest honour due to his exceptional life as a working rural journalist, the fostering of careers for other rural journalists, the enormous opportunities he has pioneered & opened up for others, his unwavering commitment to rural and his numerous back-room roles in ensuring the highest quality in ethical media reporting, production & management.

Leigh Radford is an integral component of a four-generation long dynasty of the Radford family’s involvement in the media. He is the most senior member of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s executive management team to have ever been based in Adelaide and manages the largest rural media broadcast group in the world, in addition to overseeing the longest continually running rural broadcast program ever seen.

His management of the ABC rural broadcast group and the Country Hour are the envy of every country with an interest in agricultural communication. Through his senior role with the ABC, Leigh has strived tirelessly to make ABC Rural relevant to capital city listeners, bridging the urban-rural divide.

On behalf of the entire rural media sector across Australia, Leigh sits on the committee of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists, often travelling overseas to represent our national interests and assist with the further development of rural media in countries not as fortunate as Australia. He also runs the World Rural Broadcast Awards on behalf of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists

In September, Leigh was awarded the status of Honorary Fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation in recognition of exceptional service and commitment to rural and regional

Leigh Radford is not only an icon of the local rural media sector, but also internationally.

Rural Media Icon, Leigh Radford (centre), with RMSA President, Ian Doyle (left) and RMSA Vice President, Dale Manson (right)