Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Caroline Winter stars at SA Media Awards (June 2017)

Former ABC SA Country Hour Executive Producer and Presenter, Caroline Winter recently took out the ‘Best Radio Broadcaster’ and ‘Best Radio News/Current Affairs/Feature’ award at the SA Media Awards

In announcing Caroline as South Australia’s ‘Best Radio Broadcaster’, the judging panel recognised her as being a genuine storyteller. It emphasised that with her naturally engaging style and crafty use of the medium, Caroline produced compelling stories that humanised the issues of the day.

Most importantly, the judging panel credited Caroline as a broadcaster who provided a voice to South Australians dealing with the most difficult of situations, clearly earning the trust of those who opened up to her.

When announcing her win in the Radio News/Current Affairs/Feature Award’ for the ABC PM Radio story, ‘Statewide Blackout’ the judging panel said Caroline’s story was a brilliant example of good old fashioned shoe leather reporting that took listeners into the heart of South Australia’s recent electricity blackout.

It felt that Caroline could have opted out of this story at any time, but instead took it solely upon herself to drive into the blackout and find compelling audio to illustrate the absurdity of a state without power. Finding herself under immense deadline pressure, Caroline’s tight scripting combined with great talent produced an award winning story.

Also at the same awards ceremony, the ‘Best Rural/Regional Journalist Award’ was won jointly by the ABC South East team of Kate Hill, Selina Green, Courtney Howe and Alexia Atwood. Their story, ‘Ambulance cover backlash’ demonstrated what could be achieved when newsroom journalists work together to cover a story. The ABC South East team identified a political decision that would impact thousands of residents in their community and persisted in covering the topic, speaking to a wide range of stakeholders and members of the community as the issue evolved over time.

The extensive coverage played a key role in the public debate of this issue and no doubt helped influence policymakers who eventually amended a controversial decision.

One of the finalists in this ‘Best Rural/Regional Journalist Award’ category was Peri Strathearn from the Murray Valley Standard. Peri had previously won Rural Media SA’s ‘Best Regional Rural Journalist Award’ in 2015 and 2016.

Not a great shot after a heavy night for the photographer,
but an on-the-night view of Caroline Winter’s various awards.