Friday, October 31, 2014

Barley & Brewing - First RMSA Meeting of 2015 (Nov 2014)

Dr Tim Cooper AM, Managing Director & Chief Brewer, Coopers Brewery

The first RMSA Meeting of 2015 is programmed as a luncheon on Wednesday 25th February, featuring Managing Director of Coopers Brewery, Dr Tim Cooper AM and Quality Manager at Coopers Brewery, Dr Doug Stewart.

The focus of the meeting will be on where South Australian barley growers need to devote their future energies, largely determined by where the State's brewing industry feels it is heading. Will changing trends in beer consumption affect the type of barley growers will need to deliver? How can barley growers receive better intelligence from end users without necessarily locking themselves in, or maybe it would be better to lock into a price and specific end use purchaser prior to the first barley seed of the season being put into the ground?

Dr Doug Stewart, Quality Manager, Coopers Brewery