Friday, August 10, 2018

A change in leadership at the head of RMSA (August 2018)

Icon of rural media and prominent broadcaster, Leigh Radford will be leading Rural Media South Australia (RMSA) into an exciting new era, as it gears up to host part of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) Congress in Australia during 2021.

Leigh Radford was recently elected to the position of RMSA President, replacing 31-year veteran of the Presidential role, Ian Doyle.

Previously National Head of ABC Rural, Leigh led one of the largest networks of specialist rural reporters globally, delivering a suite of radio and TV programs that included Landline, Back Roads, The Country Hour and Australia All Over.

Although he formally retired from a 30 year career with ABC Rural during 2017, Leigh continues to maintain strong media links with the rural sector as a director of the family communications company, Events On Air.

The rights to host the 2021 IFAJ Congress in Australia primarily came about as a result of international lobbying by Leigh Radford in his role as the Australian delegate to the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists – travelling overseas to represent our national interest, convening the judging panel of the world broadcast rural media awards and influencing rural media policy internationally.

RMSA President, Leigh Radford addressing the recent AGM

One of the greatest needs Leigh Radford has identified in the ongoing operation of RMSA is the conduct of meetings and functions to better match the availability of time-poor working rural journalists. He intends to incorporate an increased number of breakfast and after-work events to compliment the traditional format of luncheon functions.