Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Telstra & Rural Business Support Rural Media Award Winners (Dec 2014)

From record entries, ABC journalist Kerry Staight and The Advertiser photographer Tait Schmaal have won the major prizes at the 2014 Telstra & Rural Business Support Rural Media Awards. The Awards, attended by 120 people were presented at a Rural Media SA (RMSA) luncheon at the Adelaide Showground.

Kerry Staight came through from the hotly contested and high standard television section to win her second major RMSA journalism award, previously winning in 2011 when she then went on to win national and international awards.

Tait Schmaal is no stranger to the photography award winners circle, securing his fifth Telstra & Rural Business Support Rural Photographer of the Year Award in the last 9 years. He continues to set extremely high standards for others to follow.

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Michael McGlashan (Telstra); 2014 Rural Journalist of the Year, Kerry Staight; 2014 Rural Photographer of the Year, Tait Schmaal; Kay Matthias (Rural Business Support); Chair of Rural Journalist Award Judging Panel, Dale Manson; Chair of Rural Photographer Award Judging Panel, Deanna Lush; RMSA President, Ian Doyle.